Pittsburgh Jokes

Pittsburgh was recently voted the third most literate city in America. Not like any one here read about it.

Pittsburgh people love to read. Why we even have bookstores downtown that are open 24 hours a day. If you can't read, they have movies for a quarter.

Pittsburgh may be a most livable city, but it's the least map able. Where else can directions to the airport be this confusing? You take the Parkway East to Route 51 North then take State Route 60 South till you run into the airport, which is west of the city.

Pittsburgh is the home of some pretty great sports teams like the Pirates and the Steelers. We have the only teams in America named for city council.

Did you hear Tony got fired from his job at Heinz for having sex with a pickle slicer while everyone went to lunch. Hey that's too bad. What they do to the pickle slicer? Oh, they fired her too.